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Gps Vehicle Surveillance Equipment Is Here To Help You!}

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Submitted by: Dan Crane

Surveillance is not only a game of PI (private investigators) or the police. You can also have a surveillance gear (maybe not as sophisticated as wearable spy equipment or mini audio recorder measuring the size of your fingernail) to keep tracking almost anyone you want. What Im talking about here is GPS tracking system.

GPS tracking devices allow you to track your car or any other moving object, like boat, bike or even a plane. GPS trackers are even installed in some high-tech cell phones, which allow you to track a teenager or anyone who uses such a cell phone. However, the main use of a GPS tracking equipment is for vehicle surveillance.

How many times youve seen, heard, or maybe even experienced yourself how burglars steal a car right in the middle of the day. Such things happen every single day. And the worst part is that rarely do the police find the hijacked vehicle. So how can you protect yourself from such unpleasant surprise? Thats right, by using a GPS tracking system.

But first, lets see where else GPS can be of good use.

GPS Can be Installed Anywhere

Such GPS tracking devices are very small; they can even fit into the palm of your hand. So you can easily attach them to the bicycle or a motorbike for instance.

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These devices can be easily attached to the car as long as theyre magnetic. You could place one under the hood, in the back of your car or absolutely anywhere else you can think of. Moreover, these GPS trackers have waterproof casings, so you wouldnt have to worry about the damage of such devices.

GPS systems are used in yachts or boats by the owners or renting companies. As long as these gadgets are weather and water-proof, they do a great job for tracking the boat. Theyre very useful if you dont want to get lost.

Handheld GPS trackers are very good if you like trips. If you go to a picnic and suddenly get lost, you can be rest-assured that youll find your way out, because these handheld GPS devices have easy to understand user interface and great mapping features.

GPS Data for Vehicle Surveillance

As mentioned earlier, the main area where a GPS system is mostly used- is for tracking vehicles. Such GPS devices are preferred by regular company owners or truck company owners.

Managers want to know who and when are abusing their cars. Because employees love to drive cars faster than they should. They love to drive the vehicle on weekends or holidays for other purposes than the work. So naturally, business owners want to track their employees and find out whats going on with their cars. And they have great options at doing this.

Just listen:

Monitor the Speed of the Vehicle

– If an employee is driving too fast, hell waste gasoline and ware tires off sooner that normally would. So a GPS tracker can help you in this situation easily. A GPS tracking system monitors the speed of the vehicle. Whenever the speed limit is exceeded, you get an alert and a report, so youll have a proof and know who exceeded the speed.

Know Where Your Car is at the Moment

– Lets say youre just turned on your computer and you want to login to the central station to find out where your car (or cars) is at the moment. GPS lets you do that without any trouble. You login to the system and see exactly where your car is now.

Signal Update Interval

– You can set the desired update frequency of the signal of your GPS device. For instance, if you dont need to track your vehicles very often, you can set a frequency to 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can set it to 2 minutes and know where your car is precisely every 2 minutes.

GPS tracking system is very useful. Now only can it tell you where your car is located at the moment, it also tells you about the behavior of the person driving the car. Does he stop often near some burger restaurant? Does he take a break and spend some time in the bar? Youll know everything.

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All About A Gps Real Time Tracker}

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All about a GPS real time tracker


Dylan Ross

GPS standing for Global Positioning System is a network of satellites, first developed in 1970s by the USA. It was developed as a part of the nation’s defense program which was later opened to the civilians for use during the time of President Bill Clinton. With 24 satellites in action, there are other 3 stand-by satellites extra. These satellites through a GPS real time tracker allow people to track vehicles and assets and provide helpful information about their exact location in terms of longitude, latitude and altitude. With more advanced technologies getting invented every day, especially in the gadgetry field, online tracking software are now widely used across the globe.

With the help of a GPS real time tracker, you will be able to obtain current and detailed information about the object that has been tracked and the whole process is done via wireless networks. The reason why it is called real time tracking is because the information delivered are current, unlike in Passive systems where information procured can be checked after the real time of their occurrence. A catch about this intricate technology is that it works more or less in the same way as cellular phones work. The only difference that remains is that the satellites of a GPS real time tracker are different from the communication ones.

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A GPS real time tracker is too small to locate and can be easily installed on vehicles and objects that can then be monitored besides controlling its features. The GPS locator devices used earlier were equipped with separate antennas and modems as receptors for collecting the GPS data. But, the more recent versions are designed to be more self contained and hence, smaller in size. The online tracking software can both gather and transmit GPS data through wireless networks such as, Analog, Mobitex or GPRS that can be viewed by the user over the Internet. You can update the data every five minutes.

There are a large number of such software available over the Internet. One of the most effective online tracking software is Unpack&Track that offers an easy solution to tracking assets and vehicles. The trackers on the objects create a Geo Fence around the object that behaves like a protection boundary for the target. Once, the object is shifted outside the boundary, the device immediately transmits signals to the user informing them about the whereabouts of the object, henceforth. These GPS data are immensely helpful in tracking down the object. Moreover, being in real time, the signals transmitted are just immediate and live. These devices are widely available at moderate prices at online retail stores.

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The Different Reasons People Are Utilizing Limo Services

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By Adriana J. Noton

There was a time in the past that limo services were considered as something which were only available to the more affluent. However, today more mainstream people are utilizing limousines and there are more occasions when this type of service is needed. Additionally, because of increased competition in this industry, the rates have become more affordable for more people.

A highly frequent usage of a limousine service is wedding events. They are a good source of pleasure for bridesmaids and brides whenever shopping together for bridal wear. Concerning bridegroom and friends, getting chauffeured vehicles would be a safer way to travel especially following bachelor party events. Lastly, whenever the big day occurs, the limousine will create a nice atmosphere for newly married couples when they drive away.

Corporations and business groups are also frequent users of limousines. Quite often they will have employees that travel together and find that a limousine is a great choice for airport transportation and coming and going from corporate events. Additionally, it’s especially helpful to have a chauffeur which knows the area and will make a good guide for those new to a city or town. They can assist in finding restaurants and locating meeting places.

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Having an acquaintances night out is another favorite reason why limo services are employed. Many individuals delight in dressing up and going to special activities within their area. It frequently involves stopping at dinning establishments and possibly various bars. The friends may have the chauffeur drive them to dance clubs and coffee outlets, and the knowledgeable chauffeur will be able satisfy their requirements.

High school graduations usually consist of celebrations, family gatherings and many parties. Graduates frequently will use this type of service getting from their home to the ceremony location. This type of special treatment will make the graduate feel as if they have a sense of accomplishment along with being a reward for going through many years of intense study.

Family holidays are yet another way which limousines may be used. Occasionally families have a limousine bring them to the airport which will eliminate needing to be concerned with car parking plus the distance they might be required to walk to the terminal. This means a family could focus on the trip and never be worried about driving.

Additional uses can be for going on dates or sports activities. Many individuals discover that a limousine is very romantic because the limousine offers numerous luxurious conveniences. Many have entertainment such as satellite television and films, plus some provide refreshments. Since sporting events will always be congested along with difficult to get in and out, a chauffeur driven car is an ideal option.

Regardless of whatever your needs might be limo services are an ideal way to get luxurious transportation at prices which are affordable. You’ll find numerous businesses in your region and they have various rates which depends upon number of people in the party, along with any extra amenities which you might require. Always look at several and compare before you decide on one that will best match your needs.

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