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Ideas For Fundraising Events

Ideas For Fundraising Events


Low Jeremy –

Raising funds can be a nightmare especially when done in a small town where everybody is reluctant to part with their hard-earned money. And who would not be? Let s face it with rising costs of living, a few dollars given to charitable projects is not a joke. Before a person donates his dollars, he needs a damn good reason for it!

One way to organize a fundraising is through an event, where guests can enjoy themselves and at the same time support a good cause. Often, these events will include activities that will generate funds for the organization. Primary of this is the selling of goods and services that will make up the majority of the fundraising campaign.

Below are some good ideas for events that you can organize to introduce your project.

Fashion Shows

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This may seem pretty expensive to organize but it can be really cheap. In fact, you can even get kids in the community involved thereby extending good will and camaraderie with the locals. Make local town folks wear clothes that will later be auctioned off for the charity project. Chances are the models themselves will be buying the clothes.


This is another great money-generating idea, which enjoys quite a good track record. However, because of the sheer expensiveness of the tickets, a dinner will usually work out when it involves rich people in town.

This is often done by organizations, which have good connections within the society circles. International organizations can also benefit much in these kinds of fundraising campaign when in a foreign land. You can also try a more casual event like barbecue and hotdog cookouts or camping trips.

Bazaars and Garage Sales

Another common fundraising events is the selling of goods and services for a good cause. Often, the products that are being sold are made by beneficiaries of the project. Examples of successful campaigns are the cards that children make for UNICEF.


This is one of the great ways to reach a younger audience. You can raise funds through the tickets of the concert that will be sold. Some bands especially the local ones are willing to perform just for the exposure while others are supporters of causes and will probably agree to perform for a minimal fee.

Car wash

This is one of the most common fundraising events in schools. The overhead cost is not that much because the event will be utilizing people and volunteers.

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Ideas For Fundraising Events

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They Can Sugar Coat It All They Want, It’s Still A Scam

They Can Sugar Coat it All They Want, It’s Still a Scam


Jeffrey Solochek

A lot of the recent so called opportunities out there in my eyes are just chain letter scams of the 21st century. They may say you are getting all this so called product but you have to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. I can say my house is worth over a million dollars but if all the houses in my neighborhood are only selling for one hundred thousand dollars I can say my house is worth a lot more all I want but the reality is it is only worth a lot less.

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I just got another email today pitching out this Passport2Wealth system that sells for $997 and they say the system is completely automated where it does the prospecting and the selling. If it does all this then why the hell do they even need people like me? Well truth be told they need people like me to give them the $997. What do you get for this $997 investment They say you are getting over $75,000 in so called software but this software is being resold for a whole lot less other places on the web and I could even get all of it and a lot more for less than $100 at a site like Reselling4profit.

Passport2Wealth is the only one out there doing the same thing. There are probably another hundred out there that basically are doing the almost exact same thing. In the old days stuff like this would come to new prospects via the US Postal System but now because of the Web the prospecting means it is being delivered to everybody throughout the net.

Payitforward is another one. When you watch the movie that this concept was taken from you say to yourself that the concept is great. But now it has been put to use with an Illegal chain letter scheme to try and make the whole thing legal.. You can call it whatever you want but as long as you are trying to sell these product which can be gotten for pennies on the dollar and yet you are trying to show them at these inflated values you are basically taking advantage of people.

Jeffrey A Solochek an established and well published author of current trends always adding his own unique wit and humor to everything.

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Wedding Gown Necklines

Submitted by: Suzanne VanDeGrift

Your wedding dress is what everyone is waiting to see on that Big Day. As you walk down the aisle in that designer gown, all eyes will be on you. The focal point of the bride is her dress and veil. This makes the neckline, which takes the eye from the dress to the veil, a very important feature. The neckline will determine whether your statement will be sophisticated or cute and flirtatious.

The scoop neck is a basic line and works for just about everyone. It flows down from one shoulder to the other forming a U shape above the breasts. The scoop can be as low or as high as you would like, depending upon the bustline you want to create. This neckline can be used on a dress that is sleeveless or with sleeves.

The v-neck is very similar to the scoop neck, but drops between the breasts in a v shape. If you want, you can have a very revealing neckline by having the V-neck plunge deeply or you can have a high V. A plunging V is a good neckline for small breasted women, creating the illusion of cleavage. The higher V will compliment the full-figured woman with large breasts. The V-neck can also be used with any type of sleeve or sleeveless.

The off-the-shoulder neckline, also known as the Portrait cut, is a very feminine look. The neckline wraps around the outside of your upper arms, just below your shoulders. The neckline can be worn with or with sleeves. An elegant variation to this neckline would be to add a sheer insert from the neckline up, creating another high-collar neckline.

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What could be more romantic than a Vera Wang wedding dress with a Sweetheart neckline. This neckline is created by two arcs over the breasts that come together in the middle forming a V. Traditionally, this dress is worn strapless, but sleeves can be added if you’d like. Large busted women are particularly fond of this neckline, since it tends to flatter while offering support.

The high-collared neckline is sophisticated and elegant. Different shaped cut-outs will vary the neckline and create a unique look. And the illusion of a sheer high collar, mentioned in the off-the-shoulder neckline, is a very sexy look. This neckline accommodates all body types and can be used both sleeveless or. with any length of sleeve.

The classic strapless gown is a clean neckline that extends from one underarm to the other without straps. The appearance of the dress can be changed by slightly arcing the bodice up or down. This neckline is best suited for brides with well-toned upper arms.

The square neckline is similar to the scoop and works well for most everyone. The neckline is straight across the bodice and can be raised or lowered as you like. The crisp lines of the square neck give an elegant appearance. Here again is a neckline that can be used with or without sleeves.

Our final neckline is the halter. Very sexy, very versatile, the halter can be a scoop neck, a square neck or a sensuous V-neck. It draws attention to your arms and shoulders and, therefore, should be worn by women who are well-toned in that area. It pairs well with all dress types and is strictly sleeveless.

As you can see, wedding gown necklines vary greatly and each one creates a unique look. Top designers such as Vera Wang and Reem Acra, recognized for her incredible embroidery, are masters at designing one-of-a-kind gowns that can be affordable.

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Low Cost New Era Hats Wholesale From China

Low Cost New Era Hats Wholesale From China


Dann Weyand

There are lots of different kinds of hats available in the market today like the New Era caps. As a matter of fact, these are the hats that are most popular for most sporting activities and you will even find several superstars as well as hip-hop celebrities donning it. However, what are new era caps? How do you go about making the purchase? New Era caps are largest sports headwear company in US. They are the premier cap provider for MLB, along with the number of NHL and NBA franchise, plus handful of foremost collegiate athletic program. Because of its popularity, New Era caps are being replicated in a cheaper price than original one, though the quality is at stake. Cheap new era hats wholesale from China is one of the best ways to acquire new era caps in a much lower value. One cannot however get standards that are the same as the original ones but by taking care of these New Era caps properly, they will last for long.

New era hats are popular choice for all. The original one is 100 percent polyester caps worn by major baseball players and modeled during competitions. This is why this kind of caps is also called as baseball caps. If you wonder to purchase cap with high end stitching, fabric used, and designing, then you have to consider new era hats which is worth it for your money. Due to the fact that they are offering quite good quality, the products from New Era have really impressed a lot of people and you will find that for most young people, this is their very first option. Not only that, those individuals who are sports aficionados would prefer this caps, you can also choose for china made caps which are lesser in value than original one. If you would like to buy the cheap new era hats wholesale from China, you can simply go to the internet and easily place the order. Buy buying the caps in bulk, you will be able to make a lot of savings and you could even opt to selling them.

Who opt for New Era Caps?

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New era caps are mostly chosen by hip hop youngsters these days, rock artists and sports enthusiast as well as celebrities also loves this kind of cap. From the start of 1800, females started to think caps as their fashion statement as well. When it got to the middle period, one would actually be considered immodest if the hair was not covered by a hat or something else. Caps and hats from straws trend for that time. These days, all ages are being hooked to wear hats for protection and fashion.

Where would you get the cheap new era hats wholesale from China?

Baseball fans loves good baseball cap however finding a valuable Major League baseball caps at affordable price can be a daunting task. The retailers usually employ the business concept of supply and demand meaning that when the demand is too high, the price will likewise be high. In order to save you some money, there are several ways of getting the cheap new era caps.

Consumers ought to be well educated on how to find the ideal MLB baseball caps that are cheap. This has got the implication that one should make all the ideal comparisons and settling on the best option there is. The tough economic times, competitors will always strives to beat each others price. Cheap new era hats wholesale from China will let you save since buying in bulk can let you pay lesser rates than buying pieces. If you buy too many caps, there is also the option of disposing them as a retailer as well.

Cheap new era hats wholesale from China can equal the standard and quality of the original new era caps in a much lesser value. Why they are so cheap? It is because the materials used in China are purchased in affordable rates as well since they have their own factories. Furthermore, the cost of living in this country is lower than here in the US.

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