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What Do Iguanas Eat? And How?

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what do iguanas eat? and how?


Ted Hudson

The main idea for replying the question about “what do iguanas eat?”, we must keep in mind that the iguanas are herbivorous, though even today there are still books and people who claim the contrary. The only possible explanation that some iguanas eat insects and carrion when they find themselves in the wild is simply by accident (when they are in the leaves, fruit …), or by necessity (if they find nothing to eat plants)

Iguanas chop the food helped by its small but very sharp teeth along the top edge and bottom of their mouths. Iguanas almost don t chew, so most cases are swallowed whole pieces. The teeth are used mainly to cut food (leaves, strips of chopped vegetables …) of an appropriate size in relation with their mouth. Recall that in the wild, iguanas are primarily folivores (they eat leaves), so their way of eating is to give a bite, cut and swallowing. Sometimes, they often use the tongue to take the food, especially if it’s peas or small portions of vegetables, as if it were the sticky tongue of a chameleon. At other times, especially when you put his favorite food, instead of reaching the food dish from the front (with the front of the mouth), they do it with one of the sides of the mouth, as if they eat only in one side, so they take more food than a single bite. For drinking, rarely we will see them drinking water, due to the vegetables are rich in water, but when they do tend to plunge the entire snout into the water and absorb it directly. In the wild, tend to lick the water from dew and rain accumulated in leaves and plants. Normally the tap water is usually quite healthy, although we use water better purchase.

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The food should be served fresh. The vegetables retain their nutritional properties better than those who have acquired several days. In addition, the growth of bacteria and fungi is surer in the last one. Also, we put a bowl of water and change it if not daily, weekly maximum. Like many iguanas defecate in the water, be attentive to such conduct, or put another larger container for use in toilets, and thus not having to change each day for drinking water container.

Iguanas should be fed daily, despite what books and people tell us. It is not bad, on the contrary, an iguana that is feed more than once daily, when more your pet eat then more healthy and strong will be (if the food is adequate …). Appetite varies from one to another and it depends mainly with their mood, with his health but especially with his age. Normally, young iguanas eat more than adults (in proportion to its size), and they need to grow and develop rapidly. One thing we can do to know how much food we put in his boat, is to fill the whole and see how much your iguana eat in a day. If you have extra food, try to put something less next time, if not to spare anything, we need to change the pot to give a larger or twice daily. In this way we can be sure that the iguana will not stay hungry. To get an idea, an iguana eats the amount of food that could fit him in the distance covering from front to rear limbs.


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what do iguanas eat? and how?

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